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Betoota Advocate Tea Towel

Betoota Advocate Tea Towel

Close your eyes and take a trip down memory lane…

Do you remember your Mum’s favourite teapot? Or favourite brand of white wine?

Dad coughing up last night’s Peter Stuyvesants as he spreads your morning toast with vegemite?

Granny’s ‘special’ Sunday-night China? Her adorable racism and contempt for Gough Whitlam?

Now you can keep those precious memories close to your heart- and in your kitchen- with this gorgeous souvenir Betoota tea towel!

Available exclusively through Betoota Outfitters, local designer Bernice ‘Flighty’ Jones knows how important it is to preserve your Betoota memories and share them with others.

So she’s done just that by taking you around the bustling inland metropolis of Betoota - in tea towel form!

Inspired by the Australian spirit and her towns and country, Flighty’s recognisable painting style evokes marvelous memories from the past.

So if you’re prone to a bit of nostalgia, alcohol abuse and quality regional news make it interesting with a memorable tea towel from Betoota Outfitters!


  • Designed in Australia
  • Made from pure linen
  • Features a map of town
  • Wash before use for greatest absorbency
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 75cm