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The Betoota Bird Watchers Hat

The Betoota Bird Watchers Hat


Our district is rich in many ways but not many other places can boast such riches in birdlife. The Betoota Bird Watchers are an odd bunch but they're one of our town's oldest associations. It's a long and arduous process to join, an urban legend suggests it works on a 'blood-in-blood-out' premise. For the first time, due to regime changes at the top of the association, a number of club bucket hats has been made available for purchase to the general public. Some say it's to dilute the brand, taking attention and focus off existing members. Others say something else entirely. Who knows!


  • 100% Cotton
  • Makes a great gift or Betoota souvenir
  • Embroidered Betoota Birdwatcher's logo
  • Bucket hat style
  • Adjustable neck strap